Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentines Come In All Shapes!

I am a huge fan of Lil Blue Boo . . . I have learned soo much from her tutorials.  I silkscreened in college and have been dying to try it at home. I have a Silhouette SD
and am learning to use it . . . . so I down loaded a pre- drawn robot and using contact paper ( warning: I grabbed this it is Contact shelf paper it does not have the peel off backing . . . so do not use this it will not stick to the screen - just to let you know there is a difference)
as Ashley suggests I measured it to fit my screen and then wrapped and taped
the contact paper to the sticky plastic load sheet on the silhouette.
below is how it looks as you load it in to the Silhouette . . . . also how it will look
After you attach it to your screen.
I peeled the positive robot figure away . . .  then you have to add back in the eyes, mouth and heart to the screen to give it the details.  

 I don't seem to have a picture of that . . . .hmmm!
Final results:
tips . . I did buy the speedball silk screen kit from Dharma Trading as Ashley suggests
it does not come with white ink so I had to go out and get that . . .
I padded my surface with an old mattress pad . . . this is a bad idea because the surface for best results must be perfectly smooth . . . some of my first shirts showed the diamond shapes in the design . . . not a look I was hoping for and I had a clothe over the matress pad and it was sill coming through so I am thinking fleece or an old blanket might be better . . . Walmart I perused the whole store before I got all the sizes I needed colors I had to be flexible . . . but they were $3.00 so for my first try it worked out great!

My final results . . .  I decided to embellish them with dimensional paint . . .

~ Anne ~

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