Monday, February 20, 2012

It's a Jungle Out There!

Baby Showers are so much fun and this was no exception.
Lisa and David just had miracle baby AJ.  I wanted to create something for his room.  So my first stop was Babies R Us to see what they had chosen for his room.  I loved  the theme Just Born Balulu .   Loved the animals in the jungle and especially the monkeys!


 I quickly sketched and painted this little canvas below to go in his room.  As it turns
out his room  is all about the Monkeys . . .  I so love  this trend with monkeys for babies and this little  AJ was no exception.

But as I am looking at this painting now (Yikes!!!)  I just noticed . . .

The poor lion has no body . . . just his little head!  See what happens when you paint between 10 and 2 in the morning!!!

Oh well I guess he is just popping into say a quick HI!

(and it is too late now this painting is now hanging on their wall)

So yes if you are looking for inspiration for a painting to decorate a wall in your child's room.  Start with the bedding the design is done for you it is a great way to be inspired for a painting. Yes they have ready made things but if you create it yourself you will have a one of a kind piece and one that you will treasure forever . . . so have fun creating a snippet of whimsy for their room!    Anne ~

My next project will be a little AJ wall piece.
I thought this was cute idea I found by 
62Cards  Love their things!

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