Saturday, January 21, 2012

Organizing . . .

Ha ha my husband is like you are posting on Organizing . . . yes . . I said it my goal to organize all these art supplies . . . I have been teaching art and I was at two school so I had doubles of almost everything . . . milk crates and files and more files and chalk and paper all kinds of paper . . . so I have been Pinteresting away looking for solutions . . . . here are a few brilliant ideas I thought I would share because we all have ribbon and yes I want the Martha Collection to store all my wrapables but until the day comes where I can  order the perfect studio furniture this will suffice.

For my ribbon . . .  I actually was using these in my closet for some old skirts I never wear . . . so good bye skirts hello ribbon, and the travel roll up jewelry panty hose travel holder I am beginning to see this is perfect for those expensive little pieces you have to have to make your silhouette or other specialty item work but you need a place for  the optional pieces . . . .

Look you know those hangers you get with you children's clothes, we actually if I shop at Marshall's I get them with my clothes . . . in fact they may even give them to us!
Hangers with the clips on each end??? Break or cut off with a hack saw now can you  imagine how many uses these could  be used for . . . . the possibilities are endless!  
Love this !!!
Sometimes the most brilliant ideas are just sitting right there going
Hello Use Me!!

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