Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Silhouette Project for Baby Names

Do you have a Silhouette to cut the perfect letters?  I have had mine a year now and I am just finally getting it!!!  Yes some say I am slow . . . but I say, I just did not have the right project up to now.  So here i am creating gifts for my friends new baby's and I just am loving some of these Baby Names.  This project is for a little one names Callia, the nursery is Eiffel Towers and Maps of Paris and of course Pink!

My first step in creating this was to cut out a variety of fonts spelling Callia.  I wanted the letters to float.  Because I love things to have dimension and shape to them.

I printed out o map of Paris ( I know you can really tell)  but loved the green that will
be added to my pink.  I actually now looking back on this like this just with the white

bristol board cut outs.  Yes I am loving my Silhouette SD . . . .

then I started the Painting Process . . . .
I painted each of the shapes and then added puff paint dots and swirls to the flowers and some of the letters.  

At the last moment I made and Ending "A" into the 
Eiffel Tower    . . . .  I had some Parisian scrapbook doo dads and added them in 
for the added bling,  

this is the final results of my random name art.  
 I love how, I am not sure how it will come out when I start
 but the colors worked out
to be perfect!

Hope you have a new baby you can try this with or we can create one for you? AJ

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