Saturday, January 21, 2012

Organizing . . .

Ha ha my husband is like you are posting on Organizing . . . yes . . I said it my goal to organize all these art supplies . . . I have been teaching art and I was at two school so I had doubles of almost everything . . . milk crates and files and more files and chalk and paper all kinds of paper . . . so I have been Pinteresting away looking for solutions . . . . here are a few brilliant ideas I thought I would share because we all have ribbon and yes I want the Martha Collection to store all my wrapables but until the day comes where I can  order the perfect studio furniture this will suffice.

For my ribbon . . .  I actually was using these in my closet for some old skirts I never wear . . . so good bye skirts hello ribbon, and the travel roll up jewelry panty hose travel holder I am beginning to see this is perfect for those expensive little pieces you have to have to make your silhouette or other specialty item work but you need a place for  the optional pieces . . . .

Look you know those hangers you get with you children's clothes, we actually if I shop at Marshall's I get them with my clothes . . . in fact they may even give them to us!
Hangers with the clips on each end??? Break or cut off with a hack saw now can you  imagine how many uses these could  be used for . . . . the possibilities are endless!  
Love this !!!
Sometimes the most brilliant ideas are just sitting right there going
Hello Use Me!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Silhouette Project for Baby Names

Do you have a Silhouette to cut the perfect letters?  I have had mine a year now and I am just finally getting it!!!  Yes some say I am slow . . . but I say, I just did not have the right project up to now.  So here i am creating gifts for my friends new baby's and I just am loving some of these Baby Names.  This project is for a little one names Callia, the nursery is Eiffel Towers and Maps of Paris and of course Pink!

My first step in creating this was to cut out a variety of fonts spelling Callia.  I wanted the letters to float.  Because I love things to have dimension and shape to them.

I printed out o map of Paris ( I know you can really tell)  but loved the green that will
be added to my pink.  I actually now looking back on this like this just with the white

bristol board cut outs.  Yes I am loving my Silhouette SD . . . .

then I started the Painting Process . . . .
I painted each of the shapes and then added puff paint dots and swirls to the flowers and some of the letters.  

At the last moment I made and Ending "A" into the 
Eiffel Tower    . . . .  I had some Parisian scrapbook doo dads and added them in 
for the added bling,  

this is the final results of my random name art.  
 I love how, I am not sure how it will come out when I start
 but the colors worked out
to be perfect!

Hope you have a new baby you can try this with or we can create one for you? AJ

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby Names . . . Mod Podged Napkins

I wanted to do some art for a friend that was having a baby, she was using a Damask black and white pattern with hot pink accents.  She has another daughter eighteen months old and the girls will share a room . . . so I was how can I consistently draw the same pattern on the two canvases that matches but wanted to use contrasting colors . . . .  I thought well I could trace a pattern on graphite paper, and transfer that to both canvases . . .  and then paint the whole thing twice then I was at Walmart at Christmas and wall-a . . .they had these napkins and I was oh wow I can mod podge them on to the canvas.  The following are the steps I took with my photo process . . . . the pattern was only on one quarter of the napkin so that made it hard to match the pattern consistently all over the 12" x 12 canvas.  So I cheated and got out the black sharpie pen and pink paint pen and drew my own patterns to blent the spots that were uneven or too blocky.

Step one:  Adding ModPodge to canvas and smoothing napkins onto the surface
this may look lumpy and uneven but when it dries it actually looks much better.

The reason you see the Bristol Board in the photo is because I MP napkins of the opposite color onto this and was going to cut the girls names out of this but the Silhouette did not like the napkin texture on the board and chewed it all up and spit it out, on the black one it actually did cut it out but placing the letters on the pink was too busy and I decided a solid color would be a much better choice for this . . .  so that is what makes creating so much fun is the experimenting with different materials.

so I just kept adding napkins all over the canvas including the edges and then let them dry for a day.  With my Silhouette I found the birds and branches I needed,  I used heavy card stock to cut these out and glued them on with the Elmers. I was going to Mod Podge these also but did not want them to be shinny.  Even though I was using the mat finish Mod Podge.  I embellished these with the rhinestones and dimensional puff paint, white on the black letters,  black on the hot pink loved the look and then being left handed I dragged my left hand over some of the dots smearing them . . . . I let them dry re painting the hot pink and then re dotted . . . it worked the following pictures are the final results of my name art decor . . . I used the same napkins to do the switch plate covers and a lampshade too the possibilities are endless. Anne

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year New Posts . . .

Well it is a new year and new excitement and new ideas abound so posting some of my Christmas shots.  We had a nice holiday and I hope all of you did the same . . .

 An Art Project for the kids using fingerprints . . . . .
 My Star of the Season Tutorial coming . . .
 My collection of FairyTales my mom and I put on Curtain Rings . . Walla ornaments!
 I love to fold paper made Choose Joy to celebrate the Season in Honor of LilBlueBoo!
 Our Gingerbread House arrangement for the season, thanks Carol!
 Oh another Christmas Star . . . made from Martha's Wrapping Paper . . .

Soooooo . . . . . .

I don't know exactly what happened to my blogging but I definitely dropped off the face of the Blog World . . . part of it was making my ornaments and the other part was following all of you that do it so well . . . . Blog that is . . . . I have learned so much!