Saturday, November 12, 2011

Headbands for the Girls . . .

I see all of the cute headband pieces being made by many other crafters . . . . what can I say other than adorable!  

These little flowers are perfect for using all the scrappy fabric that we who sew accumulate so quickly.

  So I have gathered my scraps and made some of these twisted flowered bands for my 5 grand-girls.  They were very easy and each turn out alittle different, 
giving them the whimsy that I love.  

This tutorial is for all of you who like me have seen and wondered how do they do that??? 
I hope this encourages you to try these simple flowers 
for your little girl.

1.  Cutting a strip of fabric 12" long and 2" wide I folded the raw edges to the center then folded the whole strip in half.  I even found myself adding a tad of glue to hold them in place so the edges do not show.

2.  Twisting this same strip of fabric, I just kept twisting until the whole strip was twisted. Then holding one end, I continually wrapped the remaining twist around creating a flat lollipop disc.  As I held it  down flat on the table I continued to glue the rope of fabric to each other until I got down to the last inch of fabric.  Adding a tad of glue I flip the end back to the flip side.

To hold the twisted flower in place  I found it
easiest to take a sandwich bag and place a fifty cent piece size puddle of glue and just place the bottom of the flowered twist in this until it dries.

You could probably use hot glue but I thought this was the best solution when I did this with the girls. And they loved helping :-)

This is our final result of our cute little bands,  
I used some green fabric to cut the leaves
 and inserted them between the band and flower. 
 I found these bands at the Dollar Tree.  
To reinforce the flowers I took matching
 thread and sewed them on with a blind stitch.

Happy Twisting! 
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