Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creating with Gourds

I love discovering new techniques and ways to take natural plants that grow, dry them- paint them- and
wow a new piece of art. This happened to me last fall when I discovered Gourds. I was looking for something to paint on that was not flat or framed. So my friend Barbra took me to her friend Deedee's and "her Field of Gourds," they were dried in her barn and ready to paint.

After returning home I thought how do I do this ???? So being a great Googler, I started my research . . . .
the first site I discovered was http://www.welburngourdfarm.com/
they had lessons and supplies and a Festival June 25 2011. They are located in Fallbrook CA which is seven hours
away from me. So I continued to explore my options, I found a local artist in Galt just up the road from me that paints them in oils and is amazing, I then met another artist in Montana when we were there and she woodburns them and paints them in watercolor. I was excited because I had the supplies to get started and give it a try. It was not until February that I finally stopped procrastinating and got the sandpaper out. . . I began the arduous task of cleaning one of them up . . . notice I said one . . . I don't want to get carried away you know, I was going to take this one step at a time. So here is my beginning stage
Ok its a start but here are some shots of my goal . . . By Marilyn Sunderland,

Aren't these stunning?

So if you are an artist and want to try something new, go get some gourds and wearing a mask, sand away to clean. I found sketching them with a fine point sketching pen worked great. Then fire up the wood burner and doodle away, it's fun and portable and you will be amazed at how beautiful it will look sitting in your home. So for me, my next step is carving it with my Dremel Tool. I am so excited to remove some of the negative space . . . . but I can hear seeds rattling away in there. . . so as I cut I will be thinking about how I can get them out and not make it look like I
just cut a hole. So stay tuned I will post my final results!
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