Thursday, October 21, 2010

They Are Growing So Fast . . .

We have had two babies born in our family this year, a boy Keenan and Zooey.  We live 423 miles away so it is so hard to not see them as often as I would like.  Last weekend we all went to the pumpkin patch via the Fillmore Train, and as I held Zooey she started to cry and I was like oh she is crying I have not been here for that . . . . so I let her cry just a tad so I could make the memory.  But really the reason for this post is I continued to read the Martha Stewart archives after the last post and she had an idea for creating this art piece using your babies hand.  So when they and new you trace around their little hand with a sharp colored pencil. Then every couple of weeks you trace around it again using an other color or what colors are in their room.  This is done right over the top of the first tracing and continued for the first year . . . or however. But then put this in a frame.  The article suggests using a nice watercolor paper. I think you could even photo this and print it out on card stock and make little First Year Birthday invites using this clever piece of art. Enjoy the idea. I give Martha the credit. Here is a picture taken from her site.

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