Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday Celebrations . . .

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This is where we can share how we "Celebrate", those memories of all we hold dear!  When you think about it, it is the lasting memory of how you felt on that special birthday or how you made someone else feel.

So Today's topic is Birthday's . . . and the many different ways we Celebrate them with those closest to us!

Blog October 6th 2010
Birthday Ideas
Let me start off by saying my children  are now grown and in a few weeks we will have a grand total of 10 grandchildren! Wow that seems like a lot but the fact is we are so blessed to have them, all of course adorable! Five girls and five boys! = FUN!

Their mothers are huge birthday celebrators and letting your child pick the theme is key, involving them in the excitement of their day makes memories that will be apart of them as they raise their families.

My youngest daughter Amanda was eight when
 “Where’s Waldo ???” was popular. At the time I thought a scavenger hunt activity would be great.  So I happened to be at our local store and there were: Where’s Waldo stickers . . . so I grabbed them and some small index cards.  I put a sticker per card and hid the cards on our Circle taping them in a variety of places. The girls could be out running around our safe Circle looking for Where’s Waldo? and the one who finds the most wins!  Perfect! 

This was the best idea, the girls had a great time and I can see this being used today with a host of other characters . . . . Dora the Explorer,  Where’s iCarly?,  Army men, Power Rangers, Sponge Bob etc.  If your child is younger just hide them in your backyard.

Now I do recall I put one of the cards on a parked car and then the car drove away! So that was a bad idea . . . So anchoring them to non moving objects would be wise!
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